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Rapp Undergraduates for Photodynamic Responsive Orthogonal Biomaterials Engineering

Conducting independent research during undergraduate education is of utmost importance in all STEM-related fields. Undergrads at UO are especially interested in engaging in research, which has led to a bottleneck of available research positions in active labs on campus. In an effort to support all undergraduates in their career advancement, we are developing a cohort-based Immersive Research Experience for 10 undergraduates in Winter and Spring quarters.

Image by Fulvio Ciccolo
Due to high demand, the RuPROBE program is full for Winter/Spring 2024. Please check back in August 2024 for details about future opportunities.

Program Outline

In this research program, undergraduates will have the opportunity to perform small molecule synthesis and characterization of photosensitive ruthenium compounds, working towards applications in drug delivery across various systems.

Depending on progress in this program, future classes will be able to test these drug delivery systems using model protein-based cargoes.

Meet The 2024 Cohort

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