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Welcome to the Rapp Lab!

Founded in 2023, The Rapp Lab is known for our work in ruthenium-functionalized hydrogel biomaterials: using new ruthenium compounds to endow biomaterials with unique light responsive abilities.

Now at the University of Oregon, we're expanding our scope to explore even more applications in chemical biology.

Our Services

Research Highlights

We are exploring multiple opportunities for building the next generation of light responsive chemistries:

Photoresponsive Biomaterials

RuXlinkers have a powerful light response, which we use to build hydrogels that soften in response to light.

Self-Illuminated Drug Delivery

Combining RuXlinkers with bioluminescent proteins, we can release drug cargo without an external light source.

Photocaging Small Molecules

Taking advantage of ruthenium coordination chemistry, we can photocage a wide selection of molecules.

Paper Highlights

Teresa Rapp, Cole DeForest

Nature Communications, 2023

Interested in working with us?

We're always looking for outstanding trainees at all levels! You can find detailed instructions on how to join us on the Join the Rapp Lab page.

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